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Avoiding Spam

One of the most common questions we are asked is 'how do I get rid of all this spam?' Well, there are many commercial products available to filter your email to remove spam but we have never seen one which is 100% accurate.

Therefore, knowing that prevention is always better than cure, here are some ideas to reduce the amount you receive in the first place.

1. Refrain from submitting your email address to any website or mailing list if you have not read their terms and conditions. These are usually long winded so that people don't bother to read them, and could potentially give them the right to sell their customer data and email list to other people.
Similarly, when you sign up there is often a little tick box which says something like 'do you want us to share your info with other specially selected third-party companies?'. Take time to consider who these third-party companies are, and what do you think they will do with your data.

2. Refrain from submitting someone else's email address to any website or mailing list without their prior permission. Just because you think the site looks safe to join, their opinion may differ.
This includes sites with a 'tell a friend about this site' facility. These facilities normally get you to enter your name, your email address, someone else's name and their email address. From a (their) marketing point of view, these are great bits of info to get into a database of valid email addresses and names of their users.
In such cases it is better to email them directly with a link in a 'I saw this and thought of you' email.

3. Consider having more than one email address. One for your acquaintances to use, and one for mailing lists, websites, forums etc.

4. Sending spam is only financially viable if people buy from it.

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