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Service Features
Simple Translation Use a non-geographic telephone number to promote a national presence for your organisation.
For example, our 0870 number is redirected to our normal office number, but if needs be, we can redirect it to another office.
Time of Day Call Routing Route calls depending on the time of the day.
Example: You could route all of your calls to one office in the morning, and another in the afternoon. Alternatively, you could redirect calls to another office during certain scheduled times (e.g. Lunch, Monday morning breifings, Friday afternoons off...). This is configured in 15 minute chunks.
Percentage Call Routing Route calls to different locations depending on the resources available at each office.
Example: if you have 2 offices, one of which has 4 staff and the other has 6, you can balance the incomming calls in a 60/40 split, so all staff get an even number of calls to deal with.
Time of Day with Percentage Call Routing Route calls according to the time of day and resources available at each office
Example: This is a combination of the two services above, enabling you to balance calls by location and time
Fax to Email A virtual fax service to your PC or laptop
Example: You can use this number to recieve faxes, andhave them emailed to you as a .tiff attachment.
Voice to Email A virtual fax service to your PC or laptop.
This is a voicemail service which emails your messages to you.
Personal Numbering Route calls to your favourite three numbers to ensure you never miss a call.
This service enables you to list several contact numbers in our system. When someone calls you, our service will ring each of your contact numbers in turn in an attempt to find you.

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