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Programs for your PC

Space Monger
I have no idea where I originally found this. It does a very simple thing - shows graphically where all your disk space has gone! download | Homepage

CPU Speed
Tells you your CPU speed. Thats all - it does exactly what it says on the tin. download | Homepage

Zips (compresses) files download | Homepage

Have you ever needed some text? For example, you are testing something and you dont just want to write "test test test" etc. This software will generate pages of gramatically correct | Homepage

Text editor, very neat compared with notepad. I use it to write all my webpages. download | Homepage

Programs for use on the internet

Like a website? Grab the whole thing! This software will download an entire website and allow you to browse it offline. download | Homepage

Decent FTP client download | Homepage

Tiny Personal Firewall
Personal firewalls seem all the rage right now, and this is the best I have found. download | Homepage
Tip:stop your email program connecting out on port 80 and no more embedded pictures in your spam!

Frontpage Express 2.0
I use Textpad to write all my webpages. However I find making tables a pain in the neck, so that is what I use frontpage for. Apparently it does lots of other stuff but I don't trust it. download | Homepage

Internet Explorer 6 Setup
Setup program for IE6. download | Homepage

Real One player
The latest version of Real player - the download and install | Homepage

The latest version of Quicktime - the download and install | Homepage

Networking tools

Sam spade
Sam Spade is a useful tool for those of us who need to look up information quickly about networking/the internet. (domain names, IP allocations, traceroutes etc.) download | Homepage

Reverse DNS
Anyone can do a forward lookup, but some people seem to think that reverse dns is a black art. This tool allows easy reverse resolution. download | Homepage

Telnet client. download | Homepage

Telnet and SSH client. download | Homepage

VNC - Virtual Network Computing
Cross platform remote administration, similar to PC Anywhere but free! download | Homepage

Terminal services
To administer a windows 2000 server remotely you will need this! download | Homepage

Useful data:
HTML colour chart view

TCP / UDP port list view

Simple IP subnet table. view

List of all UK telephone number area codes. (Did you ever wonder who supplies that 0800, 0845 or 0870 number?)zip file | view

Telephone call costs for standard BT phone calls. view

All files available have been virus scanned using ontrack systemsuite 4.0 - but it is best to always virus scan anything you download yourself, just in case.

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